New Hope for historic diners in Rhode Island

A collaborative project between the Rhode Island Training School and the American Diner Museum began in June 2006. The Juvenile Corrections Division of the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth & Families provide delinquent youth with rehabilitation services aimed at helping them to lead safe, healthy and productive lives.

The Rhode Island Training School saw a need for enhanced vocational training for the student population and the American Diner Museum visualized new hope for diners that it was trying to save from demolition.

To begin, the students at the Rhode Island Training School will be restoring three vintage diners and operate one in conjunction with the school’s culinary program. The benefits of the Hope Diner Project include developing personal responsibility and a strong work ethic, on the job experience, facilitate the development of stronger relationships between students and their community, interview experience, and most importantly, creating a sense of accomplishment in the students.

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